Vorp Energy’s Mobile Solar CCTV Trailers

mobile solar security CCT camera trailer

mobile solar security CCT camera trailer

The #1 Choice for Solar Surveillance Trailers


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100% Solar Powered

Power as much equipment as you need with a 400W to 1600W Solar Panel Array. Which can power communication and surveillance equipment of all types including: CCTV cameras, speakers, lights, LTE Internet Connection, and much more

Mobile Move It Anywhere

Then tow it wherever you need it and set up surveillance almost instantly. If you need video surveillance and CCTV camera monitoring in remote relocations or locations without power or where power has not yet been dug.

Factory Direct Pricing

We engineer and manufacturer our own trailers so we can give you highest quality trailers for the lowest possible price.

Fast, Easy Set Up


Short Turn Around Times

Lead times for new trailers is currently 2 to 4 weeks.

Built Like a Tank – New area with arrows highlighting

Our trailers and equipment are crafted to be as maintenance free as possible.

Proudly Manufactured in America
Trailers are sprayed with rugged polyurethane textured bed-liner to prevent rust and scratches
Off Road Tires with Dexter axles that can make it anywhere
State of the art Solar Panel Array’s designed for max energy capture (300W – 1200W)
5 Year Warranty


Everything You Need, Nothing You Don’t


Every detail has been carefully thought out to deliver you the ideal solution for powering surveillance and communication equipment.
Included in Most Packages: Advanced Lithium Phosphate Batteries, Victronix Solar Controller, Removable trailer hitch, 21ft. Communications Mast, Weatherproof Enclosures, Wiring, PoE’s, Mounting Brackets
Optional: LTE Internet Gateway, Video CCTV Cameras,

Industries Mobile CCTV Surveillance Trailers Are Being Used In


Construction Sites, Critical Infrastructure, Parking Lot Monitoring, Cities, and Police Departments, Live Event Organizations, Second Home Monitoring

How to Set Up Video Surveillance Cameras in Remote Locations Without Power Fast


Camera’s of all types for all purposes can be powered this way including, PTZ, IR, thermal, infrared and 1080 P recording and live event monitoring.


The Best Warranty Available

4 Steps to Purchase

Step 1 – Determine how many units you are going to need by doing a google earth property demonstration and recommendations.
Step 2 – Determine what equipment you need to power and tell us where in the country you are located so we can determine exactly how much power will need to generate for the equipment you want run.
– We tell you exactly how much solar power you will need to operate the surveillance equipment needed at your remote location.
Step 3 – Place your order for the right solar equipment for your project.
Step 4 – Delivery and quick trailer set up anywhere you need.