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We work with a network of businesses and Security Integrators all across the United States and in Canada. If you need remote solar / surveillance equipment direct from the manufacturer, get in touch with our team today!


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Satisfied Customers

The system couldn’t be working better!


We’ve had no issues at all, the cameras have been running non-stop since the last time we spoke. The same goes for the wireless back-haul network between the cameras and to the Internet. You can be sure I’ll be calling you for our next Solar Project!

-Michael, Florida

Everything is working great!


We were very impressed that it kept running during the sub -55 degree days we had here! It was an awesome test and I will say we were very pleased.

-Scott, Wisconsin

Working like a charm!


So far so good, things seem to be working like a charm.

– Matt, California

Made my job very easy, all I had to do was the physical installation and everything just worked!


Vorp Energy was great to deal with. The project took about 8 months from the time I reached out to you guys initially to the time that I actually purchased products. Your team answered all my questions, and was very helpful in getting the exact equipment that I would need for the installation, which made my job very easy, all I had to do was the physical installation and everything just worked. I haven’t had a single call back from the customer. Thanks for a great product!

– Trevor, California

Awesome to work with!


Thanks so much guys! I appreciate how awesome you are to work with!

– Courtney, Washington

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