Solar Power Kits for Security Cameras & Video Surveillance

Grid power not available? No problem!


Vorp Energy Solar Power Kits are designed to go anywhere you need power for your cameras and wireless equipment. It’s the perfect solution for adding power to remote locations where it’s too expensive and inconvenient to run power lines or trench.


Like all Vorp Energy products, the Remote Solar Power Kit is designed as a simple Plug & Play solution. It comes pre-configured for up to 4 outdoor cameras. It works with any style and brand of Solar/IP/Network cameras including PTZ, bullet, dome and others.


Advanced electronic power equipment is housed in a sturdy, weatherproof aluminum enclosure (NEMA 4x) that holds 2 batteries that provides reliable, continuous power for security cameras and wireless equipment. Kits come with all the necessary hardware to mount to a building or pole.



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Solar Power Kit for Surveillance Cameras
Solar Power Kit for Surveillance.
Vorp Energy - Powering Surveillance and Communications Equipment with Solar Panels - Battery Backup

Vorp Energy Solar Power Kits Include:

✔️ Universal Mounting Bracket

The enclosure mounts to nearly any pole or wall.


✔️ Solar Panel Arrays

24/7/365 up-time ensured by a solar array sized for region.


✔️ Battery Bank

Choose from (2) 100Ah or  200Ah SLA or LifePO4 batteries. You can get up to 10 days of backup time (with high-tech LiFePO4 batteries).


✔️ Weatherproof Enclosure (NEMA 4x Aluminum)

Durable, weatherproof, powder coat finish, with battery bank sized for continuous operation year round.


✔️ Advanced Charging Equipment (MPPT Controller) and Power Assembly

Keeps your solar deployment running flawlessly.


    ✔️ POE Outputs

    Pre-configured outputs to fit your application and equipment.


    ✔️ 5 Year Warranty

    Providing peace of mind to our customers.

      Custom Sized to Provide You Power 24×7

      Solar Kits are perfect for powering surveillance equipment in remote, hard to access locations. We custom-size our kits for you to have power 24/7, regardless if your installation calls for a single solar powered PTZ camera, or several IP bullet cameras and a cellular connection.


      Solar power kits need specific parts to work with certain types and brands of cameras and wireless equipment. Which is why everything you need to power surveillance equipment and mount to a light pole or building is included in this kit (unless otherwise specified).


      • Flexible power output options for nearly any low-voltage DC equipment.


      • PoE ports (where applicable) or DC terminals are pre-configured to power the equipment that you specify to our team, for an easy plug and play setup.



      Not Currently Included in Vorp Energy Solar Panel Power Kits


      The only thing(s) not provided are video cameras, poles, communications devices (Wireless AP, Point to Point Radio, Cellular Gateway/Modem, etc.) and other auxiliary equipment.

      5 Year Surveillance Trailer Warranty


      We source and manufacture proven power products worldwide, using high-quality, rugged components, but we can’t guarantee that a faulty component will never make it into the field.


      We can however guarantee that in the extremely unlikely event that something defects, we’ll send you a drop-in replacement right away, at no cost to you.


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      Smart & Rugged Solar Power Kits designed for extreme applications where no power is available or trenching is too costly. Simple Plug & Play. Options allow you to monitor how much power you generate, battery health, and power cycle equipment remotely.

      Solar Kits – 200Ah or 400Ah Battery Capacity


      Solution Description:


      • Powder Coated Aluminum NEMA 4x Enclosure – 22x16x14 (HWD) with Pole Mount
      • Solar Panels with Pole Mount (100W to 800W)
      • Programmable MPPT Charge Controller
      • Power Assembly with Relays, Over Voltage Protection, VDC terminal, & 10″ DIN Rail
      • Enclosure Space for 2 (100Ah SLA or LifePo4 Batteries (Batteries and Pole Sold Separately)
      • Available Voltage Output Options: 24, 48, 56VDC PoE Injectors, DC to DC Voltage Converters (Sold Separately)


      We have thousands of Vorp Energy Solar Kits powering outdoor security camera surveillance systems without issues across the United States, Canada, Mexico and in nearly every climate imaginable. In fact our first solar power kit was installed over a decade ago, and it still runs flawlessly today, without a single modification!


      Remote Solar Power for Surveillance & Security
      Get Remote Power Anywhere With A Vorp Energy Solar Surveillance Kit.
      Enclosure Part #AL2AL5
      Enclosure Size (Inside Dimensions)
      Enclosure Weight13 LBS33 LBS
      MaterialPowder Coated Aluminum
      LockableLockable with Padlock (Padlock not Included)
      Mounting SystemIntegrated Mounting System (Included)
      *Lithium Battery Capacity240 Ah Equal to ~ 480 Ah of SLA480 Ah Equal to ~ 960 Ah of SLA
      SLA Battery Capacity (12V Batteries)200 Ah500 Ah

      * Energy available in Lithium is about double that of Sealed Lead Acid do to the fact that you can use 80-90% of stored power in a Lithium battery but only 50% in a Sealed Lead Acid Battery.

      Plug and Play Kit Part #AL2 -100WAL2 – 200WAL2/5-300WAL2/5-400WAL2/5-600WAL2/5-800WAL2/5-1200W
      Solar Array Size100W200W300W400W600W800W1200W
      Individual Panel Dimensions
      Number of Panels(1) 100W(1) 200W(1) 300W(1) 400W(2) 300W(2) 400W(4) 300W
      Solar Array Dimensions40″ x 27″40″ x 48″65″ x 39″65″ x 39″65″ x 39″65″ x 39″130″ x 78″
      Solar Panel ConnectionN/AN/AN/AN/ASeriesSeries2 in Series and 2 in Parallel
      12V Battery ConnectionParallelParallelSeriesSeriesSeriesSeriesSeries
      Voltage Output12 VDC12 VDC24 VDC24 VDC24 VDC24 VDC24 VDC
      Solar MountVE-SPM27XVE-SPM27X(2) VE-SPM42XVE-TPM4
      Pole Size4″ – 6″ Schedule 40 Ridged Metal8″ (Pole Included)
      ControllerAdvanced Max Power Point Tracking (MPPT) with Preinstalled Advanced Charge Algorithm based on Zone
      TypeLithium Iron Phosphate or Sealed Lead Acid (Abosorbent Glass Matt (AGM) or Gel)
      Temperature-40° F to +140° F (-40° C to +60° C) (SLA Batteries can lose up to 50% of stored energy in temperatures below 32° F)



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      Simply fill out the form below and a Vorp Energy team member will be in contact with you within the next business day.

      Email: Call: (208) 904-0424

      • Please include the camera and wireless equipment you would like to power with their part numbers (if you have them).
      • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.