Electrical Substations

Remote Surveillance Deployments Can Slow or Stop Power Station & Critical Infrastructure Attacks

New Technologies Are Available And Ready to Protect and Monitor USA Power Substations, Critical Infrastructure Locations, and Others Sensitive Sites

mobile camera trailer

Over the last three months, at least nine substations have been attacked in North Carolina, Washington State and Oregon. These attacks have cut power to tens of thousands of people across those states. After those attacks, federal regulators ordered a review of security standards for electrical systems.


The F.B.I. said that it was offering two $25,000 rewards for information that leads to the conviction of those responsible for shooting and damaging two substations in Moore County, N.C., on Dec. 3 and for shooting at another substation in Randolph County, N.C., on Jan. 17. The Moore County attack caused 45,000 people to lose power, some for five days.


Legislators are very concerned over the sabotage and in North Carolina, South Carolina and Arizona have introduced bills that would require 24-hour security at substations or toughen penalties for damaging them.


So how do we stop mindless vandalism, destruction of property and the loss of power for tens of thousands of people? The solution maybe as simple as, setting up surveillance.


When you think about it, it’s crazy there’s not already surveillance at power plants/substations. After all, power controls the well being of every home on the grid. And when you consider how poorly protected power stations are, it’s a no brainer that terrorists/others are going after the US power grid.


For Power Station Managers who need to protect the US power grid from these attacks, a remote surveillance system may be the answer for instant surveillance.


Vorp Energy builds a range of products that provide power where typical grid power is not available. We carry 3 different power production product lines that could help with this problem right away.


If it’s located in an area without grid power and you don’t want to trench for power, then you have a couple options.



Mobile Surveillance Trailer

Portable Surveillance Platform

Solar Surveillance Trailers


Towable Power for Dynamic Surveillance Needs


The Solar Surveillance Trailer fills an important niche in the surveillance world. The trailer provides mobility for developing locations in need of surveillance, as well as a great vantage point for equipment. A weatherproof enclosure protects batteries and equipment needed to power equipment. Sized to provide power year-round, the durable solar panels have a life span of 20+ years. All of this at an unbeatable price means there is no excuse for an unsecured location.





Solar Power Kit for Remote Surveillance Cameras

Solar Power Kit for Remote Surveillance Cameras

Remote Solar Power Systems


Reliable, continuous power. Anywhere.


Affordable, rugged, and weatherproof, the Remote Solar Power Series provides a reliable, continuous power source for your equipment, anywhere you need it.


Like all Vorp Energy products, the Remote Power Series has been designed as a simple Plug & Play solution. Vorp Energy technicians pre-configure the kit to suit the specific application. Simply mount it to a pole and plug the equipment into the labeled connection ports. With available LiFePo4 batteries, a Remote Power System can operate self-sufficiently for well over 11 years!




Outdoor UPS Battery Enclosure

Outdoor UPS Kit

UPS – Battery Backup Systems


Full-time power from a part-time source.


Light pole on a timer? Inconsistent or unreliable power source? An Uninterruptible Outdoor Power Supply kit is the perfect solution for continuous power, day and night.


The UPS Battery Backup Series utilizes a charge controller to convert high voltage AC power into DC power, which is then stored in the batteries. The Plug & Play Power Assembly then draws power from the battery storage, providing the appropriate output voltage and type. Vorp Energy technicians pre-configure your system to provide the needed outputs for the application, saving important install time.


So what’s the fastest, most effective type of surveillance deployment for electrical power substations? Depends on the situation.


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