Outdoor Uninterruptible Power Supply – UPS

Keep mission critical equipment online no matter the conditions with a Vorp Energy Uninterruptible Power Supply! A low profile, affordable, weatherproof solution the Vorp Energy UPS series guarantees reliable, 24/7 power for surveillance, communications, and other equipment for any installation.


Save time and money on your next install, while providing a superior solution to your customer. Call our expert team today and get a quote within minutes!

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Vorp Energy UPS Battery Backup System for Surveillance, Communications, and other Low Voltage DC Equipment
Vorp Energy - How does a UPS Battery Backup System work for Surveillance / Communications - Light Pole on a Timer

Key Features

  • Mount on nearly any pole or wall with the Universal Mounting Bracket
  • The rugged (and attractive) enclosure protects equipment from the elements
  • Prevent tampering with the Pad-lockable wing-knob
  • Flexible charging system accepts 120VAC or 220VAC
  • Up to 11 days of backup time available (with high-tech LiFePO4 batteries)
  • Plug & Play power options for any low voltage DC application

Popular Applications

  • Light Poles with power controlled by a timer or photocell.
  • Mission critical equipment installation.
  • Other installations where grid power loss is a concern.

Nearly any surveillance camera or communications device installation can benefit from adding a UPS backup system. The system is connected to high voltage AC shore power with three electrical butt connectors provided with each battery backup kit. This input voltage passes through an advanced charge controller to the UPS system’s battery bank. Even when AC power goes out, your equipment stays online. In the security industry, the only acceptable down-time is none. Confidently offer 24/7/365 up-time on your next installation with a Vorp Energy outdoor UPS kit. Let our experienced team help with your next project by getting in touch today!

Grid Tied Power Not Available?

A UPS battery backup system is intended to provide power to surveillance, communications, and other devices during periodic gaps or outages in regular, grid-tied power sources. Whether the outage is planned, like with a light pole whose power supply is controlled by a timer or a photocell, or an unplanned outage caused by bad weather or an unreliable power source, eventually power will be available again.


A Vorp Energy Remote Power Solar Kit is an excellent solution for situations where regular grid-tied power is un-available or cost prohibitive. Rather than costly trenching operations, a pole mounted Plug & Play solar powered system can make an otherwise impossible installation a breeze. Learn more about Vorp Energy’s rugged, reliable Remote Power Solar Power Kits here!

Remote Power Solar Surveillance System
Vorp Energy Micro-Skid Rapid Deploy Surveillance Platform

Looking for a Deployable Solution?

Check out our newest product line, The Micro-Skid! Designed from the ground up as the ultimate mobile security platform this revolutionary solution packs all the punch of a larger, clumsier Solar Surveillance Trailer. The compact footprint makes for easier transportation and deployment while maintaining a surprising level of stability. The Micro-Skid can be easily converted into towable trailer unit. Additionally, 8 or more units can be loaded onto a utility trailer and deployed during a single trip!


The Micro-Skid is available as a grid powered UPS configuration or as a self-sufficient Solar Powered unit. Both models are constructed from steel with a tough, attractive powder coat finish and include a 21′ telescoping mast. MSRP starts at $7100, with discounts available for Vorp Energy Integration Partners. Check out the Top 3 Reasons Leading Construction Jobsites, Police Departments, and Property Owners Deploy a Micro-Skid Instead of a Surveillance Trailer!

Vorp Energy UPS Specs

Part NumberUAL2UAL5
Enclosure SizeH 22” x W 16” x D 14”H 30” x W 22” x D 13”
Battery Capacity(2) 100Ah Batteries(4) 100Ah Batteries
100Ah Battery Size*H 9.2” x W 12.3” x D 6.7”
*Battery Sizes are “Typical”. We cannot guarantee that 3rd party batteries will fit or function with Vorp Energy power solutions.
Enclosure Weight13 LBS33 LBS
Recommended Pole Size4″ to 6″ Schedule 40 Rigid Metal Pole
MaterialPowder Coated Aluminum
Operating Temp.-40° F to +140° F (-40° C to +60° C)
Batteries can lose up to 50% of power in temperatures below -0° F

Battery Charge Controller Specs

Model NumberUAL2-12/UAL5-12UAL2-24/UAL5-24UAL2-48/UAL5-48
OutputBoost Charge Voltage14.4V28.8V57.6V
Float Charge Voltage13.6V27.2V54.4V
Voltage Adjustment Range13 ~ 14.7V26 ~ 28.8V52 ~ 58.6
Battery TypeSealed Lead Acid (SLA)
Output Current (Typical)24.3A12.5A6.25A
InputVoltage Range90 ~ 132VAC / 180 ~ 264VAC Selected by Switch
Frequency Range47 ~ 63Hz
Power Factor (Typical)> 0.65 (with P type) @ 230VAC
AC Current (Typical)7A/115VAC – 3.5A 230VAC
Inrush Current (Typical)Cold Start 60A
ProtectionShort CircuitO/P Built in Fuse (FS100)
Reverse PolarityBy Internal Fuse
Over Voltage16 ~ 18V31 ~ 35V59 ~ 64V
Shuts Down O/P Voltage. Re-Power On to Recover
Safety & EMCSafety StandardsIEC60335-2-29 CB approved by TUV(except for 48V), UL60950-1, EAC TP TC 004 approved
Withstand VoltageI/P-O/P:3KVAC I/P-FG:2KVAC O/P-FG:0.5KVAC
Isolation ResistanceI/P-O/P, I/P-FG, O/P-FG:100M Ohms / 500VDC / 25/ 70% RH
EMC EmissionCompliance to EN55032 (CISPR32) Class B, EN61000-3-2,-3 (only P type),EAC TP TC 020
EMC ImmunityCompliance to EN61000-4-2,3,4,5,6,8,11, EN55024, light industry level, criteria A,EAC TP TC 020

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