Vorp Energy - How does a UPS Battery Backup System work for Surveillance / Communications - Light Pole on a Timer

Uninterruptible Outdoor Power Supply – UPS

A low profile, affordable, weatherproof solution that gives you reliable, 24/7 power for all types of equipment in any environment. Vorp technicians will pre-configure output and voltage for your specific application, which will save you money and install time.

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Vorp Energy - How does a UPS Battery Backup System work for Surveillance / Communications - Light Pole on a Timer
Vorp Energy Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) Backplate

Vorp UPS Benefits

  • Engineered to work with Lithium Phosphate and Sealed Lead Acid  (AGM / Gel) batteries (not included)
  • Field Proven / Compact / Rugged
  • Indoor / Outdoor / Underground use
  • Solar as a backup option available
  • Up to 5 days of backup time available
  • Add-On Power Output Options: (18, 24, 48, 56V PoE), (12, 24, 48, 56 VDC), (24 VAC) (120 – 240VAC) power options available

Popular Applications

  • Light Poles – When you have temporary electricity during a 24 hour period a UPS gives you consistent regulated power by charging batteries when you have power and releasing it when you do not.
  • Inconsistent Power – If you require your equipment to run 24/7 and cannot afford downtime, a UPS will give you that uninterrupted, clean, reliable power.

Wireless Surveillance Solutions (Examples)

Note: Most IP cameras without heaters and blowers are powered by the 802.3af (AF) standard. Most PTZ’s will require 802.3at (AT) or 24 VAC to power due to the heater & blower. Our various PoE Converter/Injectors are a perfect solution to help you get the exact power needed. For more information and to learn more about making video wireless go to www.vorpenergy.com

Uninterruptible Power for (1) Camera & (1) Antenna

Vorp Energy Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) One Camera SetUp
Vorp Energy Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) Four Camera SetUp

Uninterruptible Power for (4) Cameras & (1) Antenna

Enclosure Part #UAL2UAL5
Enclosure Size (Inside Dimensions)
Enclosure Weight13 LBS33 LBS
MaterialPowder Coated Aluminum
LockableLockable with Padlock (Padlock not Included)
Mounting SystemIntegrated Mounting System (Included)
Recommended Pole Size3″ to 5.5″ Schedule 40 Rigid Metal Pole
Battery Charge Controller12 VDC @ 24 Amp or 24 VDC @ 12Amp,
Preinstalled Advanced Charge Algorithm based on Zone with 3 Stage (Bulk – Absorption – Float)
*Lithium Battery Capacity240 Ah Equal to ~ 480 Ah of SLA480 Ah Equal to ~ 960 Ah of SLA
SLA Battery Capacity (12V Batteries)(2) 100 Ah(2) 250 Ah
Operating Temp.-40° F to +140° F (-40° C to +60° C)
Batteries can lose up to 50% of power in temperatures below -0° F

*Energy available in Lithium is about double that of Sealed Lead Acid do to the fact that you can use 80-90% of stored power in a Lithium battery but only 50% in a Sealed Lead Acid Battery.

Complete Kit Part #UAL2-12UAL5-12UAL2-24UAL5-24
DC Output12VDC24VDC
AC Input Range120VAC (90-132VAC) or 230VAC (180-264VAC) – Selectable by Switch
12V Battery ConnectionParallelSeries
Input Battery Charge Current24 Amp12.5 Amp

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