Solar Surveillance Tower Skid

A complete solar powered surveillance station, contained on one movable unit, providing an affordable source of power for your mobile surveillance needs.

Whether you need to keep an eye on some equipment or material on a changing job site, monitor a remote location for trespassers, or oversee a developing situation, the Solar Skid is a no-fuss, reliable solution.

We offer 2 types of solar skids depending on your needs, the micro skid and the regular sized skid (pictures listed below).


Key Features

  • Portable platform designed from the ground up for an easy deployment, redeployment, and shipping
  • No guy-lines required with the wind-stabilized, 21 foot telescopic mast
  • Rugged, tamper resistant steel construction with an attractive powder coat finish
  • Weather-proof, lockable enclosure protects sensitive equipment from elements and un-authorized access
  • Self-sufficient solar power keeps equipment online 24/7

Quick Specs

  • 40 inch x 35 inch base footprint
  • 325 pound total weight (Without Batteries)
  • 21+ foot telescopic mast (Extended)
  • 45 pound max pole payload (Extended)
  • Up to 26 days battery backup time (Based on Equipment and Battery Options)

Designed from the ground up as the ultimate mobile security platform this revolutionary solution, the Solar Surveillance Tower Skid, packs all the punch of a larger, Solar Surveillance Trailer, at a fraction of the cost. Make no mistake, this rapid deploy system is every bit as reliable as the hundreds of Vorp Energy pole mount and mobile remote solar power systems operating across the United States and the rest of the world.

Built for years of heavy-duty service, using ruggedized electrical components, the Security Tower Skid will keep your equipment online in any environment. 

Micro-Skid Security Tower

Micro-Skid Solar Security Tower 

Don’t let the name fool you – it packs all the punch of our large skid at a fraction of the price! 
◾ Folds neatly inside of its own footprint when not in use
◾ 8 or more units can be loaded onto a utility trailer
◾ Easy Rapid Deployment
◾ Built for Rugged use and Dependable for many years

VE Solar Surveillance Tower Skid

Effective Multi-Unit Deployment

Most surveillance applications call for more than just one pole with cameras.  Deploying multiple units on a single job is simpe with a skid. The additional coverage and flexibility gained by having more than one solar surveillance skid, is a no-brainer.

You will need to either arrange for lift equipment to be available onsite or rent it ahead of time, but depending on how many units are deployed, and how far away the jobsite is the savings in time and resources can be enormous. Deployments are a breeze with the Surveillance Skid platform.

Popular Applications

Construction Site Time-Lapse

Easily configure live HD video and time-lapse video to work side-by-side with cutting edge surveillance analytics. Deploy state-of-the-art surveillance technology to protect property.

Optional security package comes pre-configured with customers choice of camera type (Day, Night, Thermal), motion activated strobe lights and siren, 2-way audio talk-down, and cellular 4G/LTE video upload. (Security package, including cameras, sold separately. Contact us for details.)

Solar Skid Camera
Oil Drill Site

Thermal Imaging Safety Systems

A thermal imaging “Early Warning System” can save tens of thousands of dollars and the lives of Gas & Oil workers. Intelligent thermal cameras pointed at well-heads are configured to trigger an alarm when temperatures rise past a specified threshold. This early warning is often enough, coupled with a quick reaction, to prevent an emergency.

Additional IP cameras can be connected to the same system to monitor safety conditions on-site and provide an added layer of security. The Micro-Skid platform makes deployment and re-location quick & simple. Get in touch with us and let our qualified team help you design a Gas & Oil safety and security system for your next site!

Prevent Theft and Vandalism

An “Active Deterrence System” helps stop crimes before they even happen. Motion activated lights, sirens, and a 2-way audio set-up show trespassers that they are on camera and that the immediate threat of capture is very real. Often this means moving onto a less protected location. Locking down your customer’s site couldn’t be easier than with a rapid deploy Micro-Skid, especially when that site is temporary and/or fluid!

Whether you have your own go-to camera and wireless equipment brands, or you need a little push in the right direction, our qualified sales team can find a solution for your next job. Get in touch today!

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