Solar Surveillance Trailer

The quickest, easiest solution for mobile security needs.


The Solar Trailer is the quickest, easiest way to get video surveillance up and running. In less than 10 minutes, the system can be fully deployed and protecting vulnerable property.

Solar Security Trailer features telescopic pole, heavy duty construction, and pre-configured security options
TIHD1200P-T 1200W Surveillance Trailer
Solar Security Trailer for Construction, Police, and Gas & Oil
TIHD600P-T 600W Surveillance Trailer

Popular Applications


  • Jobsite Security – Prevent Theft / Vandalism
  • DOT / GOV – Monitor Road Work and/or Emergency Scenes
  • Events / Parking Lots – Protect Property & Reduce Liabilities
  • Gas & Oil Fields – Secure Assets & add Thermal Imaging for Fires

Key Features


  • Completely Self Sufficient Solar System
  • Rugged Powder Coated Steel Construction
  • Advanced Prodigy48 Charge Control System
  • Wind-Stable Telescopic Pole
  • (Optional) Pre-Configured Camera Setup
  • (Optional) Active Deterrence Lights, Strobes, & 2-Way Audio

Construction Site Time-Lapse

Easily configure live HD video and time-lapse video to work side-by-side with cutting edge surveillance analytics. Deploy state-of-the-art surveillance technology to protect property.


Optional security package comes pre-configured with customers choice of camera type (Day, Night, Thermal), motion activated strobe lights and siren, 2-way audio talk-down, and cellular 4G/LTE video upload. (Security package, including cameras, sold separately. Contact us for details.)

Mobile, deployable security solutions for construction jobsite surveillance

Advanced System Monitoring/Control

Intelligent Monitoring & Control for Solar Surveillance Systems

All TIHD trailer systems come standard with Prodigy48, the ONLY smart, managed 8-port PoE switch and battery charge controller designed and built for rugged, outdoors use. Monitor, track, and control your systems health remotely through the web.


  • Gigabit PoE Switch with Passive Ports (3)PoE+ 35W & (4)PoE 18W
  • Ports 1 – 7 Selectable as 24V, 48V or OFF by User
  • Monitors and Graphs Important System Health Data
  • Click Here to Learn More About Prodigy48

Powerful Thermal Imaging

Cutting-Edge analytics available with thermal imaging for specific applications. Thermal imaging requires no ambient or IR light, and is very difficult to hide from. It is also used extensively to monitor equipment for dangerous rises in temperature in the Oil & Gas industry.


Thermal imaging cameras are available with pre-configured security packages. Contact us to Learn More.

SpecificationsSolar Trailer Specs
Trailer Size48″ x 88″
Trailer Footprint64″ x 64″
Trailer MaterialPowder Coated Steel
Aluminum Enclosure Size22″ x 30″ x 14″
Hitch Weight200lbs.
Pole Height Extended/Collapsed15 feet / 7 feet
Manual Pole Height Up/Down10 feet / 5.5 feet
Solar Panel Lifespan20+ Years
Adjustable Solar Angle22° – 73°
Battery Charge ControllerAdvanced MPPT (Pre-Installed)
Solar Array Option300W600W
Weight (w/o Batteries)480lbs.540lbs.
Solar Panel Voltage24V48V
Panel Array Size40″ x 65″80″ x 65″

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