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Best in-Class Video Surveillance Trailers for Law-Enforcement

With crime on the rise in our cities and not enough boots on the ground, allow our customizable Mobile Video Surveillance Trailers to help keep watch.

(Up to 3 Solar Panels can be added to your Surveillance Trailer based on your needs.)

24/7 LIVE Surveillance + Customizable Package with these options:

👉 Thermal Cameras

👉 Optical Cameras

👉 Strobe Lights

👉 Fail Safe Protection

👉 Two-way Speakers

👉 License Plate Readers

👉 Gunshot Detection

👉 Flood Lights (coming soon)


“Our Surveillance Trailer Pilot Program has been a huge success! We have received funding for 6 more. All department heads are equally impressed with the performance and reliability of the trailer powering our surveillance package.”

“I consider the Vorp Team part of our Family that we rely on to keep our Community Safe and Prevent with Crime Deterrence. Plus the customer service is outstanding! We are looking forward to getting more trailers to expand our mission in high crime areas and looking for fugitives.”

Detective Doug Ridenour Jr. of Modesto Police Department

VE Surveillance Trailers are built rugged which makes them dependable and long lasting.

Designed and manufactured from the ground up.

-Made in USA –

The ultimate mobile security platform.

Our surveillance trailers provide a mobile platform that can:

✅ Deploy in 30 mins or less

In areas with limited surveillance coverage, allowing police departments to:

✅ Monitor and record activities in real-time, anywhere in the world, even from your smartphone.

The technology that comes with your trailer is customizable based on YOUR NEEDS.

You can program YOUR Video Surveillance TRAILER to have different responses:

🚨 Human being VS a Car (thermal)

🚨 Alert you to someone loitering after hours

🚨 Gunshot Detection and more

You don’t need expensive specialists to install our VE Trailers. They are quick and easy to deploy and adjust.

Just the presence of a video surveillance trailer can also

deter criminal behavior

 making it a valuable tool in crime prevention efforts.

Centrellia Police Trailer

Centrelia Police Badge

“We love how quick and simple the trailer is to move and deploy!”

“We’ve also seen INSTANT RESULTS with our VE Surveillance Trailer, by deterring any criminal behavior in our park has now made it safer for families and the community to visit anytime.”

-Commander Andy of Centralia, WA Police Department

With over 12 years of experience as a manufacture in the Mobile Security Solutions industry, Vorp Energy Products have been used and trusted by the largest companies in the world.

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Our Vorp Energy Surveillance Trailers are AFFORDABLE

9 Times out of 10 we win the “quote”

✅ Starting at $16.8K

✅ We have the Best Police Department Referrals

✅ World-Class Quality Build

✅ Mobile Surveillance / Deterrence is King

✅ Customizable

✅ No Subscriptions

(Centralia, WA Police Department picking up their Surveillance Trailer)

Vorp Energy is grateful for the opportunity to partner with Police Departments and align our goals in helping keep our communities safe, as we know it’s a team effort.

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