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– Outdoor Power Solutions for MOBOTIX Surveillance Equipment –

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With an installation kit for any outdoor surveillance situation, Vorp Energy makes integrating MOBOTIX cameras easy! Whether you need to step down full-time AC power to PoE, install a battery backup on a light pole only energized at night, or take your whole surveillance system off-grid, we’ve got you covered. Check out the wide variety of surveillance power kits below, from kits for more conventional installations to our unique solar surveillance solutions!

Wireless Warden with Mobotix Cameras

VTAP – Light Pole Power Tap


Plug & Play 100-240VAC to PoE Conversion Kit

Installing this low profile, affordable, outdoor solution is hassle-free. Simply hard wire your high voltage (100-240VAC) power into the enclosure via the included butt connectors and plug in your cameras to the labeled RJ-45 connection ports. Options are available for up to (4) IP cameras, and (1) antenna or cellular gateway. Also available pre-configured to power a wireless bridge / backhaul.


Popular Applications

  • Transmit Video – Power Mobotix Cameras on a Pole using the light pole’s high voltage source.
  • Easily power a cellular gateway or antenna to transmit surveillance footage. Just mount it on the DIN Rail inside the enclosure or to the pole itself and connect it to a powered RJ45 port.


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Surveillance Light Pole Power Tap Kit for PoE

UPS – Battery Backup System


Full-time power from a part-time source.

Light pole on a timer? Inconsistent or unreliable power source? An Uninterruptible Outdoor Power Supply kit is the perfect solution for continuous power, day and night.


The UPS Battery Backup Series utilizes a charge controller to convert high voltage AC power into DC power, which is then stored in the batteries. The Plug & Play Power Assembly then draws power from the battery storage, providing the appropriate output voltage and type. Vorp Energy technicians pre-configure your system to provide the needed outputs for the application, saving important install time.


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Remote Solar Power System


Reliable, continuous power. Anywhere.

Affordable, rugged, and weatherproof, the Remote Solar Power Series provides a reliable, continuous power source for Mobotix Cameras, anywhere you need it.


Like all Vorp Energy products, the Remote Power Series has been designed as a simple Plug & Play solution. Vorp Energy technicians pre-configure the kit to suit your application. Simply mount it to a pole and plug the cameras into the labeled connection ports. With available LiFePo4 batteries, a Remote Power System can operate self-sufficiently for well over 11 years!


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Remote Power Solar Surveillance System
Vorp Energy Micro Skid System Packed Up for Transport

Solar Surveillance Skid


A Stand-Alone Surveillance Station. Anywhere.

The Solar Surveillance Skid provides an affordable source of power for your dynamic surveillance needs.


Designed and built with transportability in mind, all models of the Solar Skid Series ship self-contained on their own steel base plate. Not only does this save on shipping costs, but also makes site to site transportation a breeze. These kitted solutions can easily be moved from point to point with whatever lift equipment is available on-site to get mission critical MOBOTIX equipment exactly where it needs to be.



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Solar Surveillance Trailer


Towable Power for Dynamic Surveillance Needs


The Solar Surveillance Trailer fills an important niche in the surveillance world. The trailer provides mobility for developing locations in need of surveillance, as well as a great vantage point for equipment. A weatherproof enclosure protects batteries and equipment needed to power MOBOTIX equipment. Sized to provide power year-round, the durable solar panels have a life span of 20+ years. All of this at an unbeatable price means there is no excuse for an unsecured Job Site.


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Solar Trailer

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