Agriculture-based operations such as farms, wholesalers, rural cooperatives and large agri-businesses can especially benefit from the addition of solar PV and CHP technologies. Solar can easily be sited on low-value land or on unused rooftops maximum financial benefit and CHP only takes up 50 sq. ft. to produce the same amount of power as solar. Both are hooked directly into your existing electrical system or directly to the utility lines.

Vorp Energy is dedicated to helping our farming community produce there own power through Solar and CHP at the lowest possible price.  Our engineers determine the best method of installation based on your goals, business financials, and future energy plans.  We can recommend several options ranging from a straight equipment purchase to a number of bank-supported loans and leases.

Congress recently enacted the new 2016 budget that renews the Federal Income Tax Credit (ITC) at 30% of solar installation costs, allows for a 50% bonus depreciation allowance, a 5-year MACRS depreciation schedule, and increase the Section 179 equipment expense allowance up to $500,000.  These incentives combined with various state solar incentives allow buyers to recoup a majority of their solar investment in the first 18-24 months of ownership.

For operations with or without large tax write-offs we offer the solar industry’s most lucrative OPERATING LEASES through a farm-friendly bank.  This agriculture solar lease requires ZERO UP-FRONT CAPITAL and transfers all the local and state solar incentives down to your business.  We will show you how this can work for your farming business and get you qualified, creating a new source of monthly revenue for the next 25-35 years or longer.

Would you consider leasing open land for 25-30 years to site a large solar array?   If you own 5-30 acres of flat, cleared and unshaded ground located within 300 feet of a three-phase utility distribution line then we would be interested in evaluating its potential for solar. Lease payments are normally greater than the farm income previously produced.  Send us an email with your address and parcel information and we will have one of our project developers get in contact with you.