The anatomy of a solar surveillance trailer


Infograph for Surveillance Trailer


  • Add power anywhere fast
  • Add surveillance and 4g wireless in remote locations/developing areas
  • Protect people and property for far less money
  • Bring your own cameras and wireless equipment or use ours
  • Customized power solutions for your camera and communication equipment


  • Monocrystalline Solar Array
  • MPPT Solar Charge Controller
  • Cerbo GX
  • Hardened PoE Injectors/Converters/Switches
  • (2) 200Ah 12v SLA or Lithium Batteries
  • Versatile Coiled Power Cables (CAT5e and 18-2)
  • 21 Ft. Telescopic Mast
  • Secure Internal Equipment Storage
  • Built in Power System
  • Off Road Tires
  • Detachable Trailer Hitch
  • (4) Stabilizing Corner Jacks
  • DC to AC Smart Inverter Package


Solar Trailer Specifications


Tow to any remote or off grid location and face solar panels south. Attach IP cameras to the wired CAT5e cables. Mount to pole. Set up remote monitoring.



Security integrators, police departments, homeland security, national parks service, 5g/technology companies, engineering, landscaping, mining, cannabis, farming, wildlife conservation, commercial construction companies, utilities companies, energy and engineering firms. insurance companies, outdoor surveillance installers,



We offer mobile, pole mount and skid surveillance tower platforms.



Lead times on trailers are typically 2 to 5 weeks or greater. We recommend ordering as soon as possible to avoid possible delays.



We offer the lowest prices on mobile surveillance trailers. We are also built the most rugged and long lasting. You skip the middleman and get it factory direct from us for wholesale prices. Financing is available.



Q & A



  • 5 Year Warranty
  • Short Lead Times
  • We Are the True Manufacturer
  • Proudly Made in the USA

Ruggedized Powder Coat Textured Steel Frame

Every metal section receives a phosphate primer rinse before it is powder coated inside and out.

Monocrystalline Solar Array (400W – 1600W) Solar Array size, type, adjustment, angle.

The Vorp Energy Surveillance Trailer is autonomously powered with batteries and a monocrystalline solar array designed to capture the maximum amount of sunlight/energy. It can be fitted with up to a 1600W solar array, which is the largest solar panel array available on a mobile platform. This provides you with the most power possible on the smallest footprint.

MPPT Charge Controller

Ensure maximum power is being captured and distributed.

Cerbo GX

Remote system monitoring of built in power system.

(2) 200Ah 12v SLA or Lithium Batteries

Get up 48 hours of backup and run 24/7 all year round.

Coiled Cable Options

(3) 18 gauge or (4) 16 gauge with 2 CAT5E cable in one coiled cable. Easy equipment installation with plug and play cables and mounts included for ease of use.

21 Ft. Stabilized Telescopic Mast 

Reach high enough for nearly every deployment in seconds with the 21 foot camera mast. A 4 foot, detachable head-end extension makes deployment and retrieval a breeze, along with a small height boost.

Choose between a rigged 15′ mast with no guy wires or a 21′ mast with guy wires for stabilization.

Need to get higher? Ask our sales team about a larger mast or a longer extension for your mobile camera security trailer!

Extreme Wind Stability

Surveillance camera installations require a stable mounting location in order to get a clear image. Especially when using advanced person/vehicle detection analytics, a camera that moves in the wind will produce significant false alarms.

Vorp Energy’s Security Trailer camera mast features quick clip stabilizing guy lines to improve an already stable mounting location.

Weatherproof Internal Equipment Storage

Need to run an NVR or other larger server? Need a weatherproof, secure place for power equipment? It’s not a problem with the lockable internal equipment enclosure that protects power equipment and battery bank. There is plenty of space for equipment inside the trailer, where we guarantee it will be protected from tampering or the elements.

Power Storage Options

Space inside for up to (6) 200Ah batteries and a generator.

Off Road Tires and Independent Suspension

A far-cry from being wimpy, every aspect of this Solar Security Trailer is built to impress your clients, at a price that makes this unit a no-brainer for any customer in need of remote surveillance.

This includes the large off-road, dark-rimmed mud tires that come standard on every unit. Pull something to your next installation that you can be proud of.

A half axle trailer suspension system provides greater ground clearance, with a lower overall deck height than a conventional axle. The independent suspension lets our Mobile Surveillance Trailer go nearly anywhere you can get with your truck.

Detachable Trailer Hitch

You can quickly remove the trailer hitch for added security in deployed on site.

Quick detach, folding hitch helps prevent trailer theft.

(4) Stabilizing Corner Jacks

Quickly stabilize the entire Solar Surveillance Trailer with a heavy-duty jack on each corner. For deployments where theft of the trailer is a concern these jacks can be used to raise the system enough to remove the wheels, and then lower the unit to the ground.

Slide out extensions are an available add-on for mobile deployments requiring a larger footprint.

DC to AC Smart Inverter Package

Plug into AC power easily with the included inverter package.

Choose Your Top of Pole Surveillance Package

Customize your video surveillance equipment exactly how you need. Some applications might call for a simple configuration with a few fixed lens IP cameras and a point to point radio.

Others surveillance applications might require 2 huge PTZ cameras, a 2-way audio setup, a siren/strobe, IR floodlight, and a cellular modem.

Whatever the security application, we will provide you with a top of pole power package that makes your equipment installation as easy as plugging into a labeled power/data port.

Security Cameras (Bring yours or use ours)

High quality outdoor solar cameras of all types will work including thermal, PTZ, dome and many others. Popular brands include Axis, Mobotix,

Wireless Equipment (Bring yours or use ours)

Antennas, P2P Radios, Bridges, Routers, Cellular Gateways