How to Access an IP Camera using a Cellular Gateway

Cellular Gateways provide flexibility in setting up Wireless IP Camera Systems. In many applications in the surveillance world, using a Point to Point Network (P2P) is the preferred method for transmitting video feed wirelessly. One issue, however, with P2P is the need for Line of Sight between the transmitting and receiving antennas. While there are some drawbacks, using a Cellular Gateway instead allows a Surveillance Station to be setup just about anywhere.


What is a Cellular Gateway?


Cellular Gateways take advantage of existing Cellular Networks to transmit data. The antennas on a Cellular Gateway allow data to be transmitted even in areas that a cellphone has limited or no reception. In a security application this means the ability to transmit IP Camera footage.

Cellular Gateway Limitations

Connecting an IP Camera to a Cellular Gateway with a CAT-5 Ethernet Cable allows remote access to the camera from any computer, tablet, or smartphone with internet connectivity. Using a Cellular Gateway requires a Data Package from a Cellular Provider. A data package will have a monthly fee, and Data usage limitations. Due to these limitations the video feed cannot be broadcasted over the internet to a recording device. To resolve this issue, Local Storage can be used with the IP Camera.

How a cellular gateway works Infographic

Local Storage


More and more IP Cameras are becoming available with a high capacity of built in Local Storage.  These IP Cameras record footage to an SD Card located within the Camera.  In order to make the most use of the available storage space you will want to set your IP Camera to record only when motion is detected.  You can also reduce the Frame Rate at which your Camera records, or set it to record still images at intervals you specify (1 or 2 seconds).  This way only important events are captured and stored.  Data from your Cellular provider will only be used when logging in to your IP Camera remotely to view the recorded footage, or the live video feed.


A few of the Cellular Gateways that have worked well for us in the past are the COR-IBR Series from Cradlepoint, the EN-2000 Industrial, and BEC Technologies Cellular Gateways.


End-to-End Solutions


Managing data packages can be time-consuming (and expensive!). Let us take care of everything from getting power out to your site, mounting the cameras and equipment, and configuring the whole system to communicate with a cellular gateway. Click here to get in touch with our team of power and surveillance get in touch with our team of power and surveillance experts.