The Mobile Guard

Up to 7 days battery backup before adding solar! Vorp Energy’s Mobile Guard is the only Rapid Deploy surveillance solution that can be easily installed by a single person.

Ideal for Events and Construction sites, this system also serves as a valuable force multiplier for law enforcement officers and other first responders. Paired with a Cellular Gateway, the Mobile Guard lets you easily view video from anywhere in the world.

Mobile Guard Rapid Deploy Fever Detection
Vorp Energy Thermal Fever Detection Mobile Guard

Popular Applications

  • Municipal Events
  • Concerts & Shows
  • Marathons / Races
  • Construction Sites


The Mobile Guard is a complete surveillance station integrated onto a rapid deploy platform. One of the top applications for this product is as a platform for thermal cameras used for fever screening in public and business buildings. When used as a part of a complete “back to work” plan this unit is extremely effective.

Developed with short term deployments in mind, the Mobile Guard can be set up and taken down in a matter of minutes, with no technical expertise required. Although installation is a breeze, a variety of anti-theft/tampering features ensure that equipment is secure. Steel construction, and an industrial finish ensure for for a long lifespan in any deployment.

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