Mobile Surveillance Trailers and Why Police, Live Event and Construction Companies Love Them

Mobile surveillance trailers are specialized trailers that are equipped with solar panels and a range of advanced surveillance and communication technologies to enable mobile video monitoring  in remote locations where grid tied power may be unavailable or hard to access.


Benefit #1.

A Stable Platform for Mobile Surveillance Anywhere


The primary purpose of solar surveillance trailers is to provide a stable mobile surveillance platform that can be easily transported and set up in different locations. These trailers can be easily transported to different locations with any truck, providing a flexible and adaptable solution for surveillance needs.

This being a completely stable mobile platform allows you to instantly add surveillance anywhere you need it.

They provide a mobile surveillance platform that can be easily transported and set up in different locations, enabling surveillance and monitoring in real-time and in as little as 30 minutes.


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Benefit #2.

Power Where Grid Power Is Unavailable

(Anywhere the Sun Shines)



One of the greatest features of mobile surveillance trailers is their ability to operate in remote locations whether power is available or not. These trailers are equipped with generators, batteries and solar panels, providing a reliable source of power for the cameras, beacons, wireless equipment, antenna’s, lighting speakers and any other equipment.


This makes them an ideal solution for surveillance needs in off-grid or remote locations where power in unavailable. That’s because each trailer is equipped with a 400W, 800W, 1200W, 1600W mono-crystalline solar array designed to capture as much sun as possible and turn it into power in any location.


They are perfect for projects where grid power has not yet been installed. As solar power is the only option for companies in need of surveillance during construction projects.


The trailers also features adjustable solar panels so you can optimize it to capture the maximum amount of sun in your location. At sites that are developing these trailers provide temporary surveillance or internet capabilities



Benefit #3.

Immediate Surveillance in Problem Areas

(Fast Set Up & Installation Everytime)


easy trailer install


The speed at which you can have a fully functioning surveillance system at nearly any location is amazing. When you don’t have time to wait for grid power, and you need a surveillance solution immediately. Our solar surveillance trailers can have a fully functioning monitor station live in 30 minutes!


Another advantage of mobile surveillance trailers is their ease of installation. These trailers can be set up quickly and easily, without the need for extensive wiring or infrastructure. Solar trailers come with a power supply system that makes installing your equipment easy with our plug and play system. This means that they can be deployed in remote locations where traditional surveillance systems are not practical.


Regardless of the location, the surveillance monitoring system and cameras are always the same. Which makes set
ting up surveillance in new locations quick and easy.


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Benefit # 4.

Add the Surveillance Equipment You Want

(Flexible Customization Options)

Familiarity of equipment makes continual use of equipment simple, even when it’s deployed to new places. Since you can add any equipment you’d like to the the trailers, you don’t have to struggle learning equipment and processes that you’re not familiar with.

Solar IP Avigilon Camera
Solar IP Avigilon Camera DomeYou can customize your surveillance trailer anyway you want too. 


These solar powered trailers are equipped with high-definition cameras, thermal cameras, lighting, generators, communication systems, point to point radios, wireless gateways, sirens/strobes, floodlights, antennas and other specialized equipment that enable surveillance, monitoring and communication in real-time.


Other optional features to consider when shopping for the best solar-powered security cameras available include two-way audio, geo fencing, integrated intruder siren and a built-in floodlight. These are security features that help with home monitoring at night and when you’re away.


Choose Your Own

  • IP Network Cameras
  • Thermal Surveillance Cameras
  • License Plate LPR Cameras
  • 4K Network Video Recorder
  • 3G / 4G Cellular Modem
  • GPS Tracking
  • Motion Sensors + PIR
  • Microphone + Two Way Talk
  • High Powered LED’s
  • Wireless Access Points & Bridges
  • Sirens, strobes, IR floodlights


Benefit #5.

Birds Eye View

(21 foot steel mast allows you to see everywhere)

With a mast that can go as high as 21 feet, there’s very few places this trailer can’t go or see over.




These trailers are designed for the protection of people and property anywhere. It provides peace of mind and support for a variety of applications and industries, including law enforcement, construction sites, live events, parking lots, mining operations, utility companies, power substations, oil and gas fields, farmlands, forests, second homes, and more.

CEO’s, electrical engineers, security integrators, utility heads, mall security team, retail security teams, mining teams, commercial real estate owners, police officers, car lot management, 2nd home owners, cannabis farmers, parking lot owners, homeland security officials are all seein’g the many uses of mobile surveillance. But the three most popular and avid users may be listed below:



Law Enforcement


Mobile solar camera trailers truly acts as a force multiplier for police departments and their officers. The trailer is a guard that is 20 feet tall, doesn’t eat, drink, sleep and it can see in the dark. What’s not to love about a solar police surveillance trailer?

These trailers are equipped with advanced video cameras that can capture high-quality footage of events as they occur. This footage can be remotely monitored using a phone, tablet or computer by law enforcement officers, enabling them to respond quickly to incidents as they arise.

Mobile surveillance trailers are commonly used in a wide range of law enforcement applications, such as to monitor traffic, crowds, events, and do surveillance quickly and quietly.


    • Live event viewing is critical for safety and security when large events comes to town.
    • Monitor traffic and accidents, trailers can be equipped with License Plate Readers (LPRs), safety signs, etc.
    • Acts as and Immediate Crime Deterrent in heavy drug usage especially when parked prominently for all to see.
    • Investigation Surveillance can also be used covertly and quietly set up where video surveillance is important and other covert operations
    • Acts as a deterrent, Adds extra security, Affordable safety and equipment protection



    “The Top Choice of Law-Enforcement Professionals”

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    Construction Job Site Monitoring



    Construction Site Surveillance
    Construction Site Surveillance


    Mobile surveillance trailers can also be used for construction site surveillance. These trailers are equipped with cameras that can capture footage of the construction site, enabling project managers to monitor progress, identify potential safety hazards, and manage company resources more effectively. Solar surveillance trails protect you and your equipment anywhere the sun shines.

    Live Event Monitoring



    Another application for mobile surveillance trailers is event and crowd monitoring. These trailers can be deployed at events, such as concerts or sporting events, to monitor crowds and ensure public safety. The cameras on these trailers can be remotely monitored by event organizers or law enforcement officers, providing real-time surveillance and enabling quick responses to incidents.



    Additional Applications



    The portability and versatility of our mobile surveillance unit make surveillance of nearly any location fast and easy.

    Our products provide security and safety to many industries and markets including:


    • Construction sites
    • Sporting events
    • Public events
    • DUI checkpoints
    • Emergency response
    • Evacuation routes
    • Road construction
    • Traffic monitoring
    • Parking lots
    • Businesses
    • Schools
    • Medical facilities
    • Airports
    • Rail yards
    • Port and harbors
    • Mining sites
    • Storage yards
    • Military installations
    • Crime scene investigations
    • Incident areas
    • Critical infrastructure surveillance
    • Border security
    • Homeland security
    • Insurance events


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    One of the challenges associated with mobile surveillance trailers is their cost. These trailers can be expensive, and the cost may be prohibitive for smaller organizations.


    However, some companies offer rental options, there are government grants, and business loans which can make it more affordable for organizations that only need the trailers for a limited time.



    Another challenge of solar trailers is if you live in a cloudy area that doesn’t get much sun, like Washington or Oregon. Then you might not get enough power from the sun to keep your equipment going all the time. We stock our trailers with 2 to 6 batteries (SLA or LifePo4) so you have multiple days of backup for when the sun doesn’t shine.


    Wrong Equipment

    A third challenge would be the lack of know how when it comes to finding the correct wireless gateway, solar security cameras, lighting, and monitoring your solar set up effectively so it works 100% of the time you need it too.



    Monitor & Communicate, Anywhere All the Time


    When new land is developed it doesn’t typically have power in the beginning.


    Vorp Energy’s solar power platforms give you the flexibility to provide ample power to any site, no matter the location. You no longer need to worry about power or networking infrastructure with our solar platforms. We can remotely power, wireless connect or offer cellular connectivity for even the most remote destinations/places/applications. And with the included batteries, rest assured that your site will always have enough power for lighting, surveillance, networking, cellular and much more.



    Mobile surveillance trailers are an effective solution for a wide range of surveillance applications. The key mobile surveillance trailer benefits include:

    1. flexibility to add any surveillance equipment deployment you choose
    2. mobility to move anywhere as needed
    3. easy plug and play equipment installation
    4. stable, secure platform
    5. birds eye view
    6. self sufficient power station
    7. clean, green energy
    8. monitor cameras on any device
    9. add the internet anywhere
    10. add surveillance to problem areas fast, before you suffer anymore losses
    11. nearly maintenance free year round operation
    12. add the surveillance system you’re most familiar with



    Learn more about Vorp Energy’s Mobile Surveillance Trailers


    Learn more about Solar Power Systems


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